Tent rentals in Southeastern and Mid Michigan

Tent Rentals

Delux Tents is proud to offer one of the finest selections of tents in Michigan. We own an impressive inventory of both Pole Tents and Frame Tents.

Pole Tents - Pole Tents are vinyl canopy tops supported by poles around the perimeter and in the center. Pole tents can be installed on grass or asphalt. All four sides of a pole tent require staking.

Frame Tents - Frame tents have a vinyl top that is installed over a metal frame. Frame tents do not have interior poles to restrict interior layout. Frame tents can be installed on grass or asphalt but require anchoring. Weights are often used to anchor frame tents when the installation surface cannot be staked.

Sidewall panels can be added to both pole and frame tents for privacy and/or to protect the interior of your tent from inclement weather.

For help on determining the right size tent for your event, please view our Tent Capacity Planning Chart. If you have any questions about our tents, please call. Will will be happy to assist you in the planning of your event.